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All About Goal Kick Rules

Basic Goal Kick Rules

Perhaps one of the most straight forward of all rules, a goal kick is awarded any time the ball crosses the goal line after having last been touched by the attacking team. Of course, a goal must not have been scored for a goal kick to take place.

How is the kick taken?

The procedure for any goal kick sees to it that the ball:

  • Is kicked from within the goal area by any player of the defending team
  • Cannot be touched by the kicking player until it has touched another player
  • Must exit the penalty area before the play is considered live again

Goal Kick Infractions

To be honest, not much can go wrong on a goal kick. The manual does nevertheless outline several infractions which can lead to the goal kick needing to be retaken. Most commonly:

  • If the ball does not exit the penalty area on the goal kick, the kick is retaken
  • If the kicking player touches the ball before another player does, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team

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