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International Soccer Styles

World Soccer Styles from Across the Globe....

Each world soccer power has its own distinct style of play that I'm sure you're very eager to copy.

Regionally, the South American game tends to base itself around the individual skill of its players in a high tempo kind of match. On the other hand, European teams are much more structured and organized in how they play the game. These are all generalizations though; each team always takes on the style their coach institutes.

With soccer becoming more and more global, it's become increasingly common to see Europeans coaching in Africa, and South Americans in Europe, bringing their own unique style with them.

South America...Not just the Samba Kings!

The Latin game tends to focus on ball possession and individual flair. Perhaps it's not surprising then, that some of the best players in the world come from South America.

The game is usually very fast paced with many one-on-one challenges, fancy dribbling, and quick, free-flowing passes. There is much fluidity to the game which is to say, players rotate in and out of position, with structure kept to a minimum.

As a result, many of these teams can have defensive weaknesses. The quick play leads them vulnerable to counter attack, which is a result of the up-tempo game that's played.
Brazil Flag

Ask anyone unfamiliar with soccer who the best team in the world is and, more often than not, they'll reply with "Brazil".

Argentina Flag

Always a contender, Argentina have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to be considered one of soccer's elite teams.

North America

Soccer in most parts of North America, with Mexico being the notable exception, does not enjoy the same popularity that it does in other places around the World. On the national level, it barely registers in both the United States and Canada.

So to be perfectly honest, there are only two teams worth speaking about in North America: The United States and Mexico. Interestingly enough, both teams employ styles that could not be any more different from each other.

Mexican Flag

While technically a part of North America, Mexican Soccer more closely resembles Latin America in its style, despite combining elements of both styles of play.

US Flag

After spending years of tasting failure at the international level, USA soccer has finally turned the corner and obtained the respect it deserves.

The European Game

The European game is not nearly as uniform as the South American game, with world soccer styles being as diverse as the Italian defensive wall to the Dutch Total Football style.

Italy Flag

Having won the World Cup 4 times, most recently in 2006, the Italian soccer team is best known for its strong defensive play and timely scoring.

Netherlands Flag

Who doesn't love Dutch soccer? Fast paced, exciting and attack oriented, the Oranje are admired the world over. Unfortunately, they remain known as "the best team to have never won the World Cup".

Spanish Flag

Spanish soccer is an absolute joy to watch, with its ball posession oriented play and quick one and two-touch passes. The tiki-taka style, as its become known, has seen the Spanish dominate international play as of late.

English Flag

Known for its physical style of play, English soccer is characterized by it's long ball's and quick crosses. England's passsionate fans cheer the team on, wherever in the world they play.

Potuguese Flag

Portugal soccer has seen it's profile explode in recent years thanks to the golden generation of players and the popularity of Cristiano Ronaldo. But can they be considered an internatinal powerhouse?

German Flag

One of the most successful national teams ever, German soccer takes on the characteristics of Germany itself: organized, disciplined and hard-working. The German's are, put simply, a world class soccer team.

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