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Soccer Tactics, Formations, Strategies, and General Hints and Tips

Need Help with Soccer Tactics?

So you've got your basic skills down and you're ready to learn about soccer tactics. This can be daunting. It can definitely be difficult to understand some of the more subtle aspects of soccer. After all, some games can resemble a chess match, with neither team able to break through. It's time to break the game down, and give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Understand Your Position

Every position has a distinct role on the field, and one of the first things any player learns is how to play your position. You'll notice that professional teams always keep the shape of their formation. In fact, you can sometimes see them playing in perfectly straight lines. This is no accident, and it's something your team should strive for at all times. Generally, the team is split up into four positions:

Each soccer position serves its purpose, and it's up to you to understand them all. Why? By understanding how the other players think and what they're trying to do, you gain an advantage.

Soccer Triangles

Take a look at that formation you've chosen. Notice something? You can see triangles all over it! One of the most significant soccer tactics to understand for any player starting out is the importance of creating and playing in triangles.

The soccer triangle allows you to move the ball forward, while always having support at your rear should you need it. It's also a fantastic way to play keep away from your opponents. Practice playing in triangles until it becomes second nature.


So all you have to do is stop the other team from putting the ball in your goal. Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, it's anything but.

Teams will use sophisticated attacks as part of their soccer tactics to break you down, so it's important to get defense right. Good defending is as much about team defense as it is individual effort. Making sure you do the little things right while using a sound defensive strategy will make your team seem like an impenetrable brick wall. Team defense strategies:


Of course, sometimes the best defense is a good offence, right? Well, I'm sure many Latin American teams would agree with that strategy, and their constant attack seems to work well within their system.

From a possession based slow build up, to a quick counter attack from a well placed long ball, attacking options are plentiful. Whatever you decide, it's important you choose a strategy that effectively uses the strengths of your team. Team attack strategies:

Free Kicks and Set Plays

A perfectly executed free kick or set play can be a thing of beauty. The two different kinds of free kicks mean that different strategies are needed both to defend against the spot kick, and generate a scoring chance while on the offensive. Oh, and don't forget about free kicks. These are some of the most dangerous scoring opportunities in the game.

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