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A Word About Youth Soccer Rules...

Youth Soccer Rules

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the FIFA 17 Laws of the Game? Luckily, these rules are very flexible. Since soccer is played by so many different people of different age, skill, gender and fitness, rule modifications are allowed.

For example, exceptions can be made for children under 16, adults over 35, women, and those with disabilities. This ensures the sport can be played by all, so feel free to be flexible when agreeing on rules.

Most of these changes do apply to youth soccer, as children generally lack the ability to play at the same level of adults.

Which parts of the rules can be changed?

Allowable rule modifications include:

Size of the field
Smaller sized fields are useful for those who lack the fitness for full sized fields.

Length of the game
The halves can be shortened for players who lack the fitness to play a full 90 minutes.

Size, weight, and material of the ball
The ball can be changed of course, and a lighter ball is sometime used to prevent injury.

Size of the goal
The size of the goal can be bigger, or more often, smaller, to accommodate the different sized fields you'll find.

In most levels of youth soccer, the substitution rule is relaxed and allows for unlimited substitutions. It really would be next to impossible to expect a seven year old to play 90 minutes, wouldn't it?

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